LED technology harevolutionized street lighting technology


The lamps we are going to install in the project improve urban lighting levels and consume 50% less electricity than Sodium Vapor, emitting less CO2 into the atmosphere. Among other benefits, multiplies between 10 to 50 times the life of the lamp, which reduces significantly its carbon footprint.



We will take advantage of a natural depression of the main land to build lakes were the people of Green Valley can enjoy pleasant walks along the water. In addition, these lakes are surrounded by green areas and bikeways, ideal for spending time with family or exercise.



The sidewalks play an essential role in Green Valley´s urbanism since it is very important that our citizens can walk peacefully from one place to another inside the project without using cars. The long roads are made of cobblestones and they have between 2.5 m to 4 m wide in the commercial area.



Green Valley has an area exclusively for sports. This zone is in Phase 4 of the project and has  direct access to the river that borders the project.



The Avenida del Sena is the main road of the project and has four wide lanes (two each way) 33 m wide including the green area, bikeways and sidewalks. They are made of concrete and connect the entire Eco-city through huge roundabouts.



Green areas are our priority and the most important part of the project. Our mission is that all residents of Green Valley have a park near where to take their children, walk or play sports and this will increase their quality of life. There are 54 hectares of green areas divided into eight parks around the whole project that are:


  • The Lake Park 1
  • The Lake Park 2
  • The Figaro Park
  • Lakeside Chagres
  • The Mozart Park
  • The La Traviata Park
  • The Volcan Baru Park
  • The Vivaldi Park



The project has more than 10 kilometers of bikeways that connect the entire project. You will not have the need to go everywhere by car!



Green Valley Ecological Certificate, voluntary use, aims to advance in the use of strategies that allow a global improvement in the environmental impact of construction. Composed of simple measures that have a positive influence on the environment, it establishes the basis of sustainable construction and enables buildings to obtain LEED or EDGE certification in the future.




Integrating the green areas with the urban development is the prior objective of Green Valley. The Robles will be the main protagonists of the central isles and will be interspersed with Palmas Reales. The Jacarandas will mark a strip of contemplation that intersects with the sections in front of the bus stop. Los Guayacanes will mark the lateral axis to the West, where there will be more shade.


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